Floor Warming Floor Heating or Floor Warming for renovation and home improvement.
Floor Heating Indoor Products
Domoteck manufactures and sells floor heating products such as cables and mats for new constructions and renovation or home improvement. These floor heating products are intended for indoor applications, can be installed under tiles, marble as wet installation, or under parquet, laminates and carpet as dry installation. For best efficiency, insulation should be used to save energy and to decrease costs.
Snow Melting Outdoor Products for Snow melting, de-icing and anti-frost application such as pavements, driveways, stairs, roofs and gutters.
Hydronic systems Hydronic systems for heating and cooling based on wide range products are used a s forced air system for cooling and heating or as hydronic floor heating. The assembled units are so designed to make it is to install what make the installation very efficient.
Comfort Appliances Comfort Appliances manufactured and sold by DomoTeck comply with national and international standards, towel warmers or fog free mirror are used for comfort in bathroom and heated carpet, underlay or PVC mats are used for indoor application.
thermostats Thermostats for safety and comfort as analogue or programmable with touch screen or mechanically operated as well as Testing equipment are developed by DomoTeck to answer market demand.